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RES E-Revision Videos By Marcus Luah Advisory

Marcus Luah Advisory is the Overall Champion Team In Propnex since 2018. With more than 3300 Agents as of 31st March 2022 and a record 23 Millionaires Achievers in 2021.

Prepare Yourself Better For The RES Exams With These E-Revision Topics :

Paper 1 Topics :

Real Estate Market & Sub-Markets, Real Estate Market Players & Government Intervention

Basic Land Law Concepts

Law Of Contract

Planning & Development of Land

Law of Agency

Landlord And Tenant Law

Dealings with Interests in Land

Paper 2 Topics :

Principal of Real Estate Marketing

Types of Listing

Methods of Sale

Regulations of Advertisements

Sale of Uncompleted Private Properties ( BUC )

Sale of Completed Private Properties

Collective Sale of Private Properties

Sale of HDB Flats

Leasing of HDB Flats and Private Properties

Foreign Worker Housing

Taxes on Property

Property Finance and Financial Calculations

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